Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hit Movie

I really liked Hitman, but there was something funny about it. Of course, it was kind of a comedy, so maybe that's it.

Jet Li plays a poor boy from the mainland, a veteran come to Hong Kong to get rich as a hitman. A Japanese industrialist/war criminal/pervert has been assassinated, and he left a million dollar reward to whoever kills his killer. Jet has the skills to do it, but does he have the killer instinct?

So Eric Tsang, a bumbling gangster, takes him under his wing. He buys him the fancy clothes an assassin needs (dressing him like several famous movie killers) and sets himself up as Li's agent. Tsang has a familiar face - kind of pudding-shaped. We've seen him in My Lucky Stars, but I don't hold that against him. He plays a comic role without going too over the top.

Jet Li also shows a little humor, as well as his usual amazing martial arts. He looks incredibly young, although the movie was made after Black Mask, Once Upon a Time in China, etc. It just didn't seem quite like a Jet Li movie.

Maybe that's what seems funny about Hitman - it seems more like a Jackie Chan movie. The comedy, Eric Tsang in the Sammo Hung role, maybe even the action style. So - Extra Credit Question: Can you think of a movie where Jackie Chan imitates Jet Li?

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