Saturday, February 27, 2010


We're bug Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans chez Spenser - we have an extensive collection of home recordings, and we watch an episode or more every week. With 11 seasons and about 200 episodes to choose from, we may never get bored of them.

And of course, there are some episodes that we don't see very often - ones that we don't own and have to rent. For example: MST3K: Attack of the Giant Leeches. This horrible AIP from 1959 features goings on in a Florida swamp: a fat grocer, his slutty Babydoll wife, a forest ranger, his girlfriend, etc. People start seeing monsters and disappearing, and it is all pretty sleazy. When the monsters turn out to be giant leeches - SPOIL... oh, wait, no it isn't - it gets disgusting as well.

This is from season 4 of MST3K, a classic Joel. It also starts with a great short - an episode of The Undersea Kingdom, featuring Crash Corrigan and his sidekick Billy. The quipping is great throughout, both in quantity and quality.

But I have to say (along with Humphrey Bogart), "Ugh, leeches". The real reason we don't watch this one very often is that it's too disgusting. Consider yourself warned.

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