Sunday, February 7, 2010

Calamansi Smash

I ran into an interesting fruit in the farmer's market the other day - the calamansi, a.k.a. calamondin. It looks like a grape-sized orange or kumquat, but they are thin-skinned and have a sour orange juicy center. The seller told me that it's used for a marinade with soy sauce in the Philippines, so I bought a few.

Later, I saw them mentioned in a cocktail column online, and that gave me an idea. I wonder if calamansi is going to be flavor-of-the-year, like pomegranate and passionfruit each were a few years past.

Anyway, here's my idea. It's pretty arbitrary, based on what I had around. You might be able to improve it, but it came out pretty well.

Calamansi Smash
3-6 calamansi - Halve and throw them in a sturdy highball class (peel, pulp and juice) with
1 shot of tequila
Pinch of sugar

Muddle vigorously

Fill glass with ice and top with champagne

By the way, a smash is usually whiskey muddled with mint and a little water - something like a julep. So this doesn't really qualify. I just like the name.

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