Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot Dog

Remember that black pepper vodka I was telling you about? The stuff that's almost too hot to drink by itself? I felt like trying something different, and had some nice mango juice in the fridge, so I invented:

Atomic Dog

1 shot pepper vodka
1 shot mango juice

Shake over ice and serve in a martini glass

I took one sip - whoa! Not just weird, but way too spicy. I was about to toss it down the drain, but decided to play a trick on Mrs. Spenser. She took a sip and loved it. It's the only cocktail I've invented so far that she likes at all.

So take this with a grain of pepper. You might like it. And if you think that black pepper and mango are a weird combination, just look at what Alton Brown is making. He even makes his own pepper vodka (much lighter on the pepper than mine).

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