Sunday, August 14, 2016

Film Quiz!

Once again Sergio L&IFR has posted a film quiz, then went and hid it under one, then two posts. Since posts to this blog are rare as hen's teeth (and finer than frog's hair), this is an obvious tactic! It threw us off for a week!

So, let's get cracking. We need to answer this before we can read Mythical Monkey's answers. Can't get caught cribbing!

1) Name the last 10 movies you've seen, either theatrically or at home
Can I just say, read the last ten entries to this blog? Since I only watch at home, and almost only from Netflix, that will suffice.

2) Favorite movie feast
The Creeping Terror feasted on a few lovely teenagers, if I recall.

3) Dial M for Murder (1954) or Rear Window (1954)?
Dial M for Milland.

4) Favorite song or individual performance from a concert film
At first, I thought of either Hendrix or Joplin from Monterey Pop. But then I remembered Rick Danko, Pigpen, and Janis Joplin, drunk out of their minds, singing "No More Cane on the Brazos" in Festival Express - that's something you won't see every day.

Excluding another film from the same director, if you were programming a double feature what would you pair with:

5) Alex Cox's Straight to Hell (1986)?
Never heard of it, looked it up and now we've GOT to see it! The obvious choice would be Django Kill -- If You Live, Shoot, which StH is supposedly a remake of. But I would go with the Clash semi-documentary, Rude Boy.

6) Benjamin Christensen's Haxan: Witchcraft Throughout the Ages (1922)?
The Nora Ephron Bewitched. Or, to be a little more kind, I Married a Witch (which I prefer to Bell, Book, and Candle, most days).

7) Federico Fellini's I vitteloni (1953)?
Ms. Spenser says Evita, but I don't get it.

8) Vincente Minnelli's The Long, Long Trailer (1953)?
The Long Goodbye? Just kidding - The Big Store. (The "correct" answer is Lost in America, but I haven't see that. Haven't seen The Long, Long Trailer, either.)

9) Sam Peckinpah's The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)?
Ode to Billie Joe, since I haven't seen either movie.

10) George Englund's Zachariah (1971)?
This is the only movie on the list that we've seen. We paired it with Pippin. I wanted to add Siddhartha as the midnight cult classic on the bill, but remember it vaguely as quite boring.

Also wanted to say that we saw the Andrea Martin's Pippin in Cambridge before it opened on Broadway. No reason, just wanted to say.

11) Favorite movie fairy tale
Princess Bride.

12) What is the sport that you think has most eluded filmmakers in terms of capturing either its essence or excitement?
Capoiera - Such a beautiful artform, never really captured on film (as far as I know). Hardly anyone has really tried.

13) The Seventh Seal (1957) or Wild Strawberries (1957)?
Seventh Seal - Death chess FTW

14) Your favorite Criterion Collection release
That we own: Three Outlaw Samurai. That we want but haven't found at the right price: PlayTime.

Ooh - I just scanned the list of releases and have a new answer: The Monterey Pops box set.

15) In the tradition of the Batley Townswomen's Guild's staging of the Battle of Pearl Harbor and Camp on Blood Island, who would be the featured players (individual or tag-team) in your Classic Film Star Free-for-all Fight?
Knock-down, drag-out battle of the tycoons - Eugene Pallette vs. Charles Coburn.

16) Throne of Blood (1957) or The Lower Depths (1957)?
Throne of Blood. I haven't seen Lower Depths, although Ms. Spenser has.

17) Your favorite movie snack
Since we watch movies at home, often while eating dinner, the answer varies. For a while, it was gyoza dumplings, then nachos (with real cheese), then home-made pizza. Then we would get tired of it, and move on. I guess the one constant has been the margaritas.

18) Robert Altman's Quintet-- yes or no?
Not yet. Should we?

19) Name the documentarian whose work you find most valuable
We watch documentaries of rock concerts almost exclusively. So probably Pennebaker, maybe the Maysles.

20) The Conversation (1974) or The Godfather Part II (1974)?
Still haven't seen any of the Godfather movies.

21) Favorite movie location you've visited in person
The 101 by the airport, from Bullitt.

22) If you could have directed a scene from any movie in the hope of improving it, what scene would it be, and what direction would you give the actor(s) in it? (question submitted by Patrick Robbins)
Directing is a mystery to me, so I'll pass. Ms. Spenser says, in those scenes where the monster is attacking a guy and his girlfriend is screaming? She'd direct the girl to whack the monster with a chair or something.

23) The Doors (1991) or JFK (1991)?
Haven't seen JFK and rather like The Doors.

24) What is your greatest film blasphemy or strongest evidence of your status as a contrarian? (H/T Larry Aydlette)
Never seen any of the Godfather movies, don't care to.

25) Favorite pre-1970 one-sheet
Pass. We don't collect 'em.

26) Favorite post-1970 one-sheet
Pass. Do standies count?

27) WarGames (1983) or Blue Thunder (1983)?
WarGames is a bit dated, and I've never seen Blue Thunder, but I've never heard of anyone unironically liking Blue Thunder.

28) Your candidate for best remake ever made
Maltese Falcon is hard to beat there.

29) Give us a good story, or your favorite memory, about attending a drive-in movie
I think I've used this one before: I'm on a date with my HS girlfriend Sandy, to see The Way We Were at the drive-in. (Note that she is a politcally active Jewish girl, and I am goyisch, but not a conservative military man). I get tired of the movie, and lie down with my head in her lap, and start spouting the movie's dialog before the characters do - it's that predictable.

Needless to say, Sandy did not think much of this party trick. Inexplicably, she did not refuse to see me ever again, and our friendship survives long after our romance.

30) Favorite non-horror Hammer film
Spaceways, with the ever-gravelly Howard Duff.

31) Favorite movie with the word/number "seven" in the title (question submitted by Patrick Robbins)
Since Lucky Number Slevin doesn't quite count: Seven Samurai.

32) Is there a movie disagreement you can think of which would cause you to reconsider the status of a personal relationship?
I've answered this before, too. We had a friend who didn't like the Marx Bros. or screwball comedy, because everyone talked too fast and it made her nervous. We didn't drop her because of this, but considered it.

33) Erin Brockovich (2000) or Traffic (2000)?
Haven't seen either, probably won't. Pass.

34) Your thoughts on the recent online petition demanding that Turner Classic Movies cease showing all movies made after 1960
No dog in this fight - we don't have cable. I don't think anything can be called classic until it's 25-years old, but that allows movies up until 1991.  There is something about pre-1960s movies that is special and deserves to be showcased, though.

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