Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I 8 1 2

We've just finished another "TV" series, in this case the Netflix original Sense8 (2015) from the Wachowskis. It's a wild mixture of soap-opera and Sci-Fi.

The premise is revealed slowly. Eight random people around the globe start catching glimpses of each other's minds and sensations. They also see: a woman in a derelict church killing herself, a mid-Eastern man, and a creepy doctor. The series is largely about their lives and problems and how they intertwine.

It reminds me a lot of Cloud Atlas - in fact, the Wachowskis may have learned their technique on that film. They actually film the series in Chicago, San Francisco, Mexico City, London, Berlin, Mumbai, Nairobi, Seoul, and Iceland. They assigned a different crew to each location, and all the locations and characters have their own plot, involving parents, sexuality, law and morality, but most specifically, counterfeit AIDS drugs.

The individual stories are fun, ranging from lesbians on the run from the law, to Berlin safecrackers, to Kenyan bus drivers and Korean martial-arts and white-collar crime. I don't think I'd tune in for these stories though. Only when they are woven together does it get really interesting.

We enjoyed this series a lot - great acting, fun action, interesting themes, and fine cinematography.We were a little disappointed that it doesn't wrap up in one season of 12 episodes. But also happy that there may be another season.

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