Saturday, August 29, 2015

Coop and Dagger

It appears that I neglected to blog Cloak and Dagger (1946), which we watched quite a few weeks ago. Funny that it slipped my mind; in some ways it was very memorable, in other ways, not.

It was directed by Fritz Lang, better known (to me at least) for silent films, like Metropolis. From the name you may be expecting a very generic spy story, and you kind of get it. It stars Gary Cooper as an atomic physicist being recruited for a secret mission. It starts out as an attempt to get his old colleague Helmin Thimig out of Switzerland. The mission fails, since Cooper is a professor, not a spy, and he proposes to go deeper into Nazi territory to retrieve his old professor from Italy.

There is some swift death in the dark, silent fights, and skulking in the shadows. Also, Cooper slowly falls for hard, cynical spy Lili Palmer. It's all filmed in Lang's stylish black and white. It isn't exactly cutting edge, maybe even a little old-fashioned even for 1946. But fun and exciting, even somewhat realistic in the way the best plans can fall apart if the luck doesn't go your way.

In conclusion, Gary Cooper is kind of wooden, isn't he?

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