Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hot Rods

So, funny thing: when Netflix doesn't have the film at the top of your queue handy, they send you another one right away, then the one at the top of the queue a day or so later. They put a notice up "Wondering why you have an extra disc?" which links to a non-explanation and everything. Anyway, due to the recherche nature of our queue, we are now up to 6 discs at home on a 3-disc plan.

However, I don't manage my queue much past the next 3 movies. After that it tends to be movies that I wanted to see once upon a time, then skipped over for years, and they just stayed there. That's how we wound up with Buster Keaton Rides Again/The Railrodder (1965).

Now Buster Keaton, as I'm sure you know, is the greatest film comedian that ever lived. His best work is from his youth in silent pictures, but he is entertaining even in talkies with Jimmy Durante and in the Beach Blanket movies. As an older man, happier and sober, he developed an amazingly craggy face, still as stone-faced as in his prime. Somehow, in 1965, when he was 69 years old, the National Film Board of Canada convinced him to make a little film to promote Canadian rail tourism.

He's a little old for stunts, although he looks a little exposed zipping along the rails in an exposed car. Mostly, his comedy is the mildest possible - but his iconic face can raise a smile when he is just sitting there. And it's only 25 minutes long - there's a one hour "Making of" documentary on the disc, but we skipped that.

In conclusion, I've changed over to a 2-disc plan. It makes more sense, but I hope we still get an oddball movie like this now and then.

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