Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's Jan 2, 2013 2014 and I guess that means that it's time for my usual lame New Year post. I have already done a top 10 list (question 13), so I can skip that. I planned a top 10 movie all time list, and came out with 9 utterly conventional choices, so I dropped that (for now at least). I could look at the 10 movies from 2013 I saw in 2013, or pick out surprise faves, disappointments, oldest movie, best foreign, etc. But I'm fundamentally a lazy, lazy man.

But I would like to say that I've been writing this blog since Aug. 2007 - 6-1/3 years, more than 700 posts. Amazing, isn't it? Not every post is a winner (I don't do much copy-editing, as you might guess), and some of my sentences might meaning hardly can't. My goal: convey my feelings for the movie, give some idea of what it is about, and add an original insight, if possible. And I want to do this in the least space possible, so nobody loses interest. It's harder than it sounds.

Still, my motto is "You can do anything you want, as long as you don't have to be too good at it." And I think this blog proves it.

Oh yes, and our New Year's Eve films were the MST3K version of Gorgo from the boxed set I got for Christmas, followed by Night at the Opera and a few Three Stooges shorts. We were going to stream some other stuff, but either Netflix or our internet connection wasn't up to the challenge. That was OK, I guess - we slept through most of it anyway. Happy New Year!

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