Monday, January 27, 2014

Solid Jackson

The Frighteners (1996) was a Film Sack special - the special part is that they liked it. It was a horror comedy starring Michael J. Fox, directed by Peter Jackson before he got the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And yet it is almost totally unknown - at least to me and the Film Sackers.

Fox is a sad-sack widower, a hearse-chasing ghost buster. His gimmick is that he really can see ghosts and in fact has a couple of ghost buddies that he sics on the recently bereaved, then lets them pay him to remove the haunting. Meanwhile, in a spooky secluded house, a troubled young woman is haunted by demons that push out of the walls (like in The Haunting). A local serial murderer may also be involved.

The funny stuff is pretty funny. The spooky stuff is pretty scary. Fox does a great job - much more losery than his Back to the Future role, but just as likable. I don't know why this movie isn't better known. It's quite good and it lead to Jackson getting the Ring trilogy. Maybe it was too New-Zealandy.

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