Friday, December 27, 2013

Ghost Again

I started watching A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (1990) not really remembering whether I'd seen CGS I. I'm still not sure.

This is one of those crazy kung fu comedy fantasies. Our hero, Leslie Cheung, was married to a ghost in the first one, and she has apparently been exorcised. This made me think I'd seen it, but I was probably thinking of White Snake. So he wanders into a haunted temple, gets thrown in jail, meets a crazy old master who gives him a sacred medallion and lets him escape, etc, etc. His next adventures deal with a traveling mystic warrior with a freeze spell (who of course gets frozen before he can tell our hero the antidote).

It's all very silly and not too coherent or scary, although some of the monsters are somewhat disgusting. And of course there's a love story - Joey Wang plays a (living) woman who looks exactly like his (ghost) wife.

Lots of fun. I'd love to watch the original (unless of course I already have).

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