Monday, December 2, 2013

Things to Do in Tombstone When You're Dead

We've been seeing previews for Dead in Tombstone (2013) at the start of our DVDs for a while now and we were thrilled to get it recently. Here's what we got.

Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall and the rest of their gang take over a town that has some disputed gold reserves. Trejo doesn't want anyone hurt who doesn't interfere. Hall shoots the sheriff, molests his wife and decides to settle down. Oh yes, and he kills Trejo. Of course, that just makes him mad.

Trejo winds up in Hell (because of the sins), facing a pretty nasty Satan - Mickey Rourke from Angel Heart! Trejo offers to hand the other bad guys over if he can live for just one more day. Rourke arranges it, and the rest of the movie is Trejo's revenge.

The style of the movie is an interesting mix of straight-to-video action and art film. I can't tell if they had arty pretensions from the start, or used them to class up a no-budget production. It was interesting, yes, but also boring - too often it just slowed up the action. The obsessive, ritualized preparation of the coffins had a nice spaghetti Western style, but didn't really move things along.

The action itself wasn't anything special, except it was Danny committing the mayhem. Dina Meyer as the sheriff's wife, also out for outlaw blood, was pretty effective as well.

All in all, not great, but a fun mystic Western with Danny Trejo. We'd watch it again.

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