Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I, Ronsky!

If I told you that Iron Sky was a tribute to and parody of sci-fi war movies, featuring Nazis on the Moon, you'd form one picture in your head. Now, if I say that it is also about the re-election of President Palin, does that change the image you have at all?

It did for me. I had heard of it as a fan-backed, fan-sourced low budget parody tribute with great respect for the B-Movie that it is trashing. Adding in Palin, which inevitably leads to the first African American on the moon (Christopher Kirby) being a model chosen because he looked good on President Palin's re-election poster. They seemed to emphasize the re-, just to make the image more revolting. And insulting, since this is Europeans, for the most part, making fun of America. Well, I can't say we don't deserve it.

In some ways, it was a lot sillier than I was expecting, like when the mad scientist Tilo Prueckner Aryanizes Kirby, turning him pale and blonde. The mad scientist has a beautiful daughter, of course, Julia Dietze. That puts us on pretty familiar ground, as does her handsome but evil Nazi boyfriend Goetz Otto.

But what about the space battles? The ridiculous miniatures, the fx shots looped over and over to pad the scene, the space rays? Don't you, you'll get a some of that too.

So, in the end it was mostly made by Finns, which explains the extent to which a cell phone (brand is not mentioned) is key to the plans.

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