Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hold That Ghost!

So, now that I've seen the last M:I movie, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, I've got a bunch of questions. Like:

  • What's your favorite M:I? I guess my favorite is either the first or this one. The first one set up the series, plus had some amazing set pieces. Ghost Protocol follows the formula perfectly, including a Burj Khalifa BASE jump (I'm not sure about the traditional dangle-Tom-Cruise scene), without introducing any false notes.
  • Who's your favorite M:I director? Again, De Palma or Brad Bird. De Palma brought a lot of style to the franchise, and maybe the whole idea of using the series as a way to showcase the styles of different directors. John Woo and J.J. Abrams all made their marks, but I feel like they both slipped up here and there - Woo with occasional low-budget feel (due to his roots?) and Abrams with excessive emotional manipulation. Bird hit the sweet spot.
  • Do you even like M:I? I have grown to like it. I resisted for a long time because:
    1. Tom Cruise is a no- or low-talent pretty boy with a weird personal life. BUT: I don't care about his personal life when I'm watching his movies. His lack of talent isn't an issue in these action movies, and it may be just in my imagination. Maybe he was just cast in too many lousy movies, like Hot Gun, or whatever that fighter pilot movie was called.
      In Ghost Protocol, I finally came to terms with his prettiness. In one scene he looks at Simon Pegg, and the audience, with such an air of self-confidence that I got it - he is just that good-looking, and just that good. It made the role of Ethan Hunt really come together.
    2. It wasn't true to the original premise. I didn't like the way they sort of did away with the whole IMF premise in the first movie. But they've come back, plus they have developed some of their own continuity. So I'm cool with that.
  • Are there going to be any more M:I movies? I kind of hope not, but I suppose there will be. I just hope they keep using Simon Pegg.
So, anything else? Yes - Pegg, who was introduced in M:I III gets a much bigger role here, and it's great. I also liked Jeremy Renner, although he did have to munch through a big ration of scenery towards the end. He's pretty much made for it. 

In conclusion, fun. Enjoy.

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