Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Win or Loser

My take on The Losers is that it's the same old thing with a bunch of new guys.

A crew of renegade adventurers is deep in the Bolivian jungle, calling in an airstrike on a druglord or something when it all goes wrong. They discover that their shadowy masters meant them to die on this mission. They conceal the fact that they survived, and, with the help of a hot local chick, make their way back to the US - and vengeance!

These losers are
  • George Clooney-like leader Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Scary enforcer Idris Elba
  • Ice-Cube-ish driver Columbus Short
  • Cool Latino sniper Oscar Jaenada
  • Chris Evans, who I actually recognize from Fantastic Four, on comms

Hot chick is Zoe Saldana, from Star Trek, among other things. I kind of recognized her, too, but probably was thinking of someone else, like Halley Berry in X-Men.

That was my reaction throughout this movie - I recognized the actors, then realize I was thinking of someone 20 years older. I can't tell if this is intentional, if the actors are inhabiting the archetypes, or maybe I'm just bad at recognizing actors.

Anyway, this is a fun action movie with a real evil villain, some funny scenes, and big guns and explosions. If that's your thing, you should like it. And I expect we'll be seeing more of these guys, maybe even after they get old enough to have replacements.

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