Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We watched Ronin because From Paris with Love (and Renaissance) made me want to watch a good car chase set in Paris. In my case, this was a re-watch, but I have to admit it - I remembered almost nothing.

I remembered the start, an edgy group of strangers gather in a Paris bar, all recruited by Natascha McElhone for a shadowy mission. They include Sean Bean (or Deadmeat as they call him), Jean Reno and Robert DeNiro. I also remembered that there would be car chases and gunfights. I didn't remember Nice at all - car chases on narrow roads hanging above the sea. I didn't remember Katerina Witt playing an Olympic skater. I didn't remember what was in the MacGuffin. I did remember that there would be awesomeness and I was right.

I think Mr. Schprock recommended this to me. Going in the first time, I guess I expected it to be kind of lame. I mean:
  1. Pretentious Japanese title - how Jean-Pierre Melville
  2. DeNiro - a little old to play a tough guy
  3. Frankenheimer - not my favorite director, too old-fashioned
I was just wrong. Frankenheimer's next movie (and last feature?) may have been Reindeer Games, but he clearly knew what he was doing here.  A classic in the action genre.

In conclusion, Luc Besson. He's not related to this, but with Paris, Jean Reno, action, his spirit is present.

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mr. schprock said...

I might have recommended this movie, but I've forgotten a lot of it myself in a shockingly short space of time. The main thing I remember is when the weak link of the group asked DeNiro if he ever killed anyone and DeNiro replied, "I hurt someone's feelings once."