Thursday, October 27, 2016

This Robot Kronos

Kronos (1957) - one of the most perfect black and white SF movies we've ever seen. And it stars Jeff Morrow, Exeter from This Planet Earth. I didn't recognize him without his forehead.

It starts at Labcentral, a centrally located lab - I think it's near the Monolith Monsters set. Scientist Morrow, his photographer girlfriend, and George O'Hanlon are studying images of an apparent meteor heading for Earth. Little do they know that it has already taken over the mind of one of the other scientists, John Emery as the liltingly named Dr. Hubbell Eliot. You probably know of his telescope.

The trio figure that the meteor will land off the coast of Mexico and head on down for a little scientific fun in the sun. They are about to give up, when a giant robot comes stomping out of the sea. And when I say giant, I mean the size of an apartment building. Also, roughly the shape of an apartment building.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hub is acting weird. He has fits where he seems to be controlling the robot. Everyone in Labcentral thinks he's crazy, and Morris Ankrum (!) gives him shock treatment, which actually makes him lucid. That gives him a chance to explain the plot, which doesn't do much to convince them that he isn't crazy.

Meanwhile, our three scientists get into some AWESOME satin science jumspuits with "Labcentral" embroidered in script across the back. Seriously, I want one of those. They land their helicopter on the robot, which they decide to call Kronos and a radio DJ wonders if the name will catch on. They see some crazy stuff, mostly lucite models, but all I could see was the jumpsuits.

After the robot monster starts stomping towards LA, they discover A-bombs won't stop him! So they use the most sciency solution they can think of - they reverse the polarity. And that does it.

Such a good movie, full of treats and wonders. Really makes you want to head to Labcentral and build an interociter!

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