Thursday, November 13, 2014

Her Hair was Perfect

I don't know why I queued up She-Wolf of London (1946). I guess it was Halloween horror season and I was in the mood for an old black-and-white. Roderick Heath of This Island Rod had given it a pretty positive review, but -SPOILER- he spoilered the heck out of it. Worse, I assumed we'd never watch it, and spoilered it for Ms. Spenser. Oh well, it was still kind of fun.

It is set in an old dark house in London next to Hyde Park (I guess - these studio park sets look all alike to me). June Lockhart (yay!) is the sole heir to the Allenby estate, and the curse - the curse of the werewolf! She is getting a bit worried, what with the savage murders taking place nearby, the blood on her hands when she wakes up, and so on. Her harridan guardian, the guardian's beautiful daughter and the creepy housekeeper are all trying to keep her out of trouble. Or are they?!?

But I can say no more. Read Rod if you want spoilers.

This is a late Universal horror, with a lot of atmosphere and no budget. Also, not much horror, unless you think about some of the murders. About on par with some of the lesser Sherlock Holmes movies, or maybe a Charlie Chan. Which I like too.

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