Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hammer On

As I mentioned, I have not watched any Hammer Horror films (or Amicus, for that matter). I'm not sure Dracula A.D. 1972 (made in 1972, of course) was the best way to start.

After a brief, revisionist death of Dracula at the hands of van Helsing scene, the movie takes place in the "present" - 1972, swinging London. A bunch of hippie freaks are hanging around the rock band Stoneground, who are actually pretty good. This is a bit of a digression, because they don't show up after the first party scene, but I kind of liked them.

Any way, one of these freaks, Johnny Alucard, played by Malcolm McDowell-lite Christopher Neame, decides to hold a black mass to raise Dracula from the dead. With the help of some heavy psychedelic rock and Caroline Munro's naked body, he succeeds.

So, Christopher Lee walks again - but he doesn't really get much screen time. He turns a few of the freaks, and they do the terrorizing. One of the the freaks, Stephanie Beacham, is the grand-daughter of the present day van Helsing, Peter Cushing, so he gets involved.

And a good thing too. Cushing is the best thing in this show. Lee's Dracula has a nicely cold, monstrous style, but isn't really to compelling. Also, not a lot of screen time (and such small portions!). So it really comes down to how much you like watching movies about scumbag hippie freaks.

In conclusion, I guess I liked it. Needed more Stoneground, though.

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