Sunday, March 23, 2014

Please, Ninja, Please

We watched Ninja II (2013) as another one of those "Let's just turn off our brains" movies. In fact, we chose it specifically because Ms. Spenser was kind of sleepy and figured it would be a good movie to nap to.

Of course, we have seen the first Scott Adkins Ninja, so we could follow the plot. JK, we completely ignored the plot. It involved Scott's lovely and devoted wife getting killed, because her kung-fu was weak. Scott takes the revenge road to Japan, Thailand and Mynmar, fighting drug lords and twisted martial arts schools.

The fights are strong - director Isaac Florentine is getting known as the best direct to video action director around. The look is good - I don't know where they filmed, but they got a good jungle look for the SE Asia scenes. All in all, just what we were looking for. I watched slack-jawed while Ms. Spenser snoozed.

Scott Adkins still looks like Ben Stiller, though.

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