Thursday, March 6, 2014

Big Event

I wasn't planning to watch Event Horizon (1997) - frankly, I was chicken. But Ms. Spenser, inspired by the Film Sack episode, talked me into it.

The scientific space mission Event Horizon has become lost around Neptune, and the ship Lewis and Clark is sent out on a rescue mission. They arrive to find corpses, hallucinations and madness. Also, a ship full of pointy things and non-OSHA-approved fixtures.

I think the original pitch was "The Shining in space" - the genre is definitely sci-fi horror. The cast is great - Laurence Fishburne as grouchy captain, Sam Neill as twitchy mad scientist, and a bunch of redshirts. The horror is horrible, but comes in small doses - lots of almost subliminal blips of hell. So my sensitive feelings were not upset.

In conclusion, possibly a classic of sci-fi horror, but I'm not that into sci-fi horror.

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