Monday, July 22, 2013

Kick Ass

I've recently add Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee to my blogroll. Proprietor Peter Nellhaus seems to concentrate on classic black&white and recent Asian action movies. This Girl Is Badass (2011) is one of the latter.

It stars Jeeja Yanin from Chocolate and Raging Phoenix (which I saw but didn't blog?). She is definitely the girl from the title. She is a bike messenger who takes shady jobs, and executes sweetly, sliding under trucks, jumping off her bike and over walls - then jumping back on again, etc. She works for a very goofy outfit, with a bald giant with a Hitler mustache and a penchant for frilly outfits as a boss. She gets tangled up with some bad (and pretty silly) gangsters, and much fighting ensues.

The fights are great, especially the fight in the bike shop. The rest is just bizarre, with her boss's outfits getting more outrageous, her partner, an Italian cyclist who is never out of his spandex gear and helmet, and the gangsters competing for most silly evil-doers.

I got pretty tired of the Thai comedy - it probably isn't much more subtle in the original Thai, I think it's just a matter of taste. But the action more than made up for it. Thanks, Peter.

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