Monday, January 24, 2011

Let's Return Again

Let's return again, to Larry Blamire - The Lost Skeleton Returns Again, sequel to his masterpiece, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. Of course, you've seen the original, right? If not, I'll wait.

OK, now we've all seen Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. We are either dying to see more Blamire, or cursing the name of Beveridge for suggesting it. Cursing people may skip the rest of this article.

All others, welcome! I offer reassurances - The Lost Skeleton Returns Again is just what you are looking for. All of our friends are there, even those who died in the last movie. Our story: The government needs scientist Paul Armstrong to find a scientific rock, but he has become a bitter drunken shell of a man, lost in the Amazon. The government and his wife Betty set out to find him. But so does the skull of the Lost Skeleton! Fortunately, so do their alien friends, Kro-Bar and Lattis, disguised as Earth humans Day Trillis and Zamie ... something...

Unfortunately, the rock they seek lies in they Valley of the Monsters! Fortunately - wait, I lost track.

Anyway, you know whether you want to watch this. We do and we're glad we did.

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