Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cracking Up

I don't want to keep complaining every time I get a bad disk from Netflix, but here I go: This weekend, out of 3 disks, 2 were cracked. Not a little scratched, but inch-long cracks. So - a 3-day weekend, no plans but to watch movies, and only one will play. Coincidentally (?) all 3 disks were blu-ray.

Oh sure, they will replace them immediately. So we'll get the replacements Tues, after the long weekend. We'll watch them next weekend, just like we would if we had returned normal, playable disks. In other words, Netflix's prompt replacement policy means nothing to us.

I'm an ordinary working stiff. I don't go out much and I like to watch movies on weekends: one on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Netflix works perfectly for me - when it works.

OK, at least there's streaming, so we can watch something. But the quality is way below blu-ray, and the selection is not all it could be. (For example, we watched Convoy when we discovered the first problem. Review is coming, but -SPOILER- it was pretty bad.)

There, I've vented. The moral is to check your disks immediately on arrival. You may be able to get a replacement before the weekend. I'd complain to Netflix, but they have a policy if you get too many unplayable disks: They blame it on you and suspend your account.

Update: I got a comment from Mythical Monkey, who says that he had the same problem. Sounds like a trend - off to the Google! Indeed, several people have seen a high percentage of damaged blu-ray disks. See for ex this article on Engadget. We might just want to drop the blu-ray account, save the $4.00/mo and let them get this straightened out.

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Mythical Monkey said...

You know, Katie and I have had the same problem with Netflix Blu-Rays -- cracks that make them unplayable. Haven't had the same problem with regular DVDs from them and not all Blu-Rays either, but often enough to make me wonder what's going on.