Thursday, August 25, 2016

Slade 'Em

I don't have much to say about Evil Roy Slade (1972) - it is an early 70s Western spoof starring John Astin. If that doesn't rope you in, this isn't for you.

Astin is Evil Roy Slade, the rottenest bad guy in the West. His nemesis is railroad baron Mickey Rooney and his idiot nephew Henry Gibson. They hire Sheriff Bing Bell (Dick Shawn) to track him down. Sample joke: Whenever anyone says the name "Bing Bell", someone else says "Who is it?" or "Is someone at the door?" That one gets funnier every time. But if you don't like it, there's another one coming in a second.

Of course, Astin meets the girl who can reform him - not his moll Edie Adams, but sweet Pamela Austin. She gets him to take his first step without a gun. But will he be able to walk into a bank without robbing it?

This was made for TV - a pilot for a series that was never made. Ms. Spenser saw it in the day, and encouraged me to cue it up. It's mostly pretty corny. But I am such a sucker for John Astin, especially when he goes all crazy Gomez eyes. I guess you could say this is Addams Family meets Blazing Saddles.

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