Thursday, April 30, 2015

No Country Music

Speaking of very dark comedies that win Academy awards, we just watched the Cohen brothers' No Country for Old Men (2007). OK, maybe comedy is stretching it.

It is set in West Texas. It's three main stars never really meet:
  • Sheriff Tommy Lee Jones, a philosophical lawman
  • Josh Brolin, just a guy named Llewelyn
  • Javier Bardem, a relentless killer with no conscience and a really bad haircut
Brolin is out hunting while Tommy Lee Jones does a voice over, when he comes across the scene of a massacre, a drug deal gone bad. He makes off with a large bundle of cash, knowing that the gang will come after him. Meanwhile, Bardem is stone-cold killing people, and we have to assume he's the one who is coming after Brolin. And Jones, well, he is on the trail, but he's getting kind of old for this - close to retirement in fact.

Bardem's killer, who goes by the awesome and Cohenesque Anton Chirurgh, is pretty creepy - the embodiment of random death. But I have to say, he reminds me a lot of Vincent D'Onofrio's killer in The Cell - similar haircut, desert hideout, etc. But D'Onofrio's character is way creepier. Maybe not as nihilistic, though, and I guess that's the point.

For some reason, I was expecting a special film score, and I guess I got one - there's very little music, mostly just the natural sounds of the empty landscape. Not counting the mariachi band in the Mexico scene. I would have gone with some Ry Cooder, or maybe a Neil Young score like in Dead Man. But I would have been wrong.

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