Sunday, March 22, 2015

Expendable Women

So I just wanted to watch a stupid action movie, and since I love the women, I queued up Mercenaries (2014). It stars Brigitte Nielsen, Vivica Fox, Zoe Bell, Kristanna Loken and Cynthia Rothrock and is advertised as a sort of distaff Expendables. I should have notice that it was made crap-masters Asylum.

It seems that the president's daughter is captured by warlords in Glenbeckistan, lead by Brigitte Nielsen. So secret agent chief Cynthia Rothrock recruits a dirty (1/3) dozen gang of women in prison. Now, there are some who say that Rothrock, Neilsen and even Fox are too old to be playing these roles, but I completely disagree. However, they are certainly old enough to know when their director is so weak that they look too old, too tired and too lame. Rothrock, who I liked in Yes Madam, in particular, got by with terrible line readings and maybe one fight.

The fights were fine, nothing special. The acting was mostly terrible. The best thing to be said for the movie is that it was short. And Vivica Fox was pretty bad-ass.

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