Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zero to Hero

Tai Chi Zero is right up our alley - steampunk Kung Fu.

It stars Yuan Xiaochao as a boy who gets his kung fu power from a tiny horn on his forehead. He discovers that it is sapping his strength and his only chance to live is to learn the kung fu style of remove Chen village, whch they never teach outsiders.

At the same time, Eddie Peng, playing a dandified villager who was educated in the west, wants to bring a train through the village. This allows the introduction of a huge steampunk track layer, not to mention Peng's sweet Edwardian suit and tophat.

The whole thing is done with tongue in cheek - the flashback to Yuan's childhood is done silent film style, and every cameo is introduced with a title like "Look! It's Tony Leung Kar Fai as Uncle Laborer!". There's a bit of video game imagery as well, like in Scott Pilgrim.

Also, one of my favorite kung fu tropes - the hero must be beaten by a girl before his training can advance.

It ends with a trailer for the sequel, Tai Chi Hero.

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