Monday, May 16, 2011

Kung Fu Kid

Legend of the Red Dragon is just another kung fu movie, right? Well, pretty much, except:
  • Fight choreography by Corey Yuen (director of Transporter, So Close, etc.)
  • Starring Jet Li: Nuff said
  • Totally wacky
The movie starts with some gruesome violence, so you may not be expecting laughs. Jet Li and his young son set out to get revenge on the folks who killed their village. The boy, Miu Tse, we know from The Enforcer - once again Jet Li's son, and once again a martial artist of great power and cuteness. 

The plot is Shaolin vs. Manchu's (again), which is the excuse of a lot of little boys to be in on the fights. But there  also a beautiful con woman and her supposedly dead mother, adding some sex appeal and humor. There is also a bizarre scene in a wax museum, and... but never mind.

In some ways, just another kung fu movie. In other ways, a great one.

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