Friday, June 11, 2010


We watched this mainly because it's so much fun to say "Gymkata!" Filmed in 1985, at the height of Kurt Thomas-mania - let me check those dates - correction, about 5-10 years after the height of Kurt Thomas-mania.

Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas plays Olympic gymnast Jonathan Cabot, recruited by the US government to play in a deadly game in Framistan. Let me stop here to mention 2 reasons for MSTies to love this movie:
  1. Mike/Joel and the 'bots love to say "Gymkata!" at random times. So will you!
  2. In Outlaw of Gor, the hero is named Cabot, and everyone says his name when they see him. So when you're not saying "Gymkata!", you can say "Cabot?", "Cabot", or "Cabot!"
  3. Update: I almost forgot to mention The Final Sacrifice. Due to the spectacular mullets, or "hockey hair", in both movies, we got many chances to say, "Rowsdower". If you don't understand why, don't try to find out. Do not click the link and stream the movie. You have been warned! Rowsdower!
So anyway, Thomas goes to the remote central European country Farm-i-Stand with the beautiful and deadly princess Rupauli ("Her mother was Indonesian") to compete in the Game - a cross country race with where contestants are hunted by people on horse back with bows and arrows. A race nobody has survived in 600 years. And these guys volunteered.

Look, this isn't a good movie. The production values are poor, the acting is lame, Thomas wears a Ziggy Stardust mullet, and the badguy, evil vizier Zamphir wears a mullet with a rat-tail braid. That said, the locations in the environs of Zagreb weren't bad, and Kurt Thomas' combination kung fu and gymnastics were fun to watch. It's a pretty good drive-in movie.

In conclusion: Gymkata!

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