Sunday, March 14, 2010

Harry Potter and the Half-Formed Joke

The movies in the Harry Potter series seem to be getting better and better. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be the next to last movie, and when the series is over, I'll miss them a lot. However, I seem to have less and less to say about them.

Harry and the gang are all getting older, and they are doing more than noticing the opposite sex. Hermione is caught with some white stuff on her mouth (Ron's toothpaste), and Harry's caught trying to pick up the waitress in a railroad cafe. But that is something of an afterthought. The real change in the series is towards darkness and more serious consequences. The actions of the Malfoys and Snapeses aren't just nasty, but have mortal effects, and maybe worse.

On the other hand, while Harry is getting older and angrier, he doesn't seem to be getting much smarter. He is quite a hothead, rushing into things without thinking, at least when he isn't sulking. Well, he's a teenager, I suppose.

Sorry not to have more to say, either about the relationships or the action. At least I'm not giving anything away. And at least I've stopped trying to come up with title gags.

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