Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feelin' Groovy

Ms. Beveridge was digging some old school Afrika Baambaata and Grandmaster Flash, when it occurred to me that Krush Groove was a Netflix Instant offering. So away we go.

Krush Groove is the 1985 slightly fictionalized story of Russell Simmons and early rap acts Run DMC, Curtis Blow and the Fat Boys. And when I say "slightly", I mean "completely" - at least, I don't think Russell Simmons had an affair with Sheila E. It's a pretty typical showbiz story - Krush Groove records has a potential hit with Run DMC, but can't get the money together to press the disc. But what you really want to see are early Brooklyn hip-hop acts like the above mentioned, as well as New Edition, LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys.

The style still seemed rooted in R&B, and they staged some of the shows like they were on Broadway - Curtis Blow in a white leather tuxedo looked very snazzy. Sheila E. fit right in.

I wish there were a lot more full numbers - Sheila E. got a couple, the Fat Boys got a music video in, but the Beasties get about a half verse, and LL Cool J the same. It's a pity that they cut out any music in favor of the fairly lame "plot".

Nonetheless, a real document from the early days. What's your favorite hip-hop movie?

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