Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dragon Food

I rewatched Dragon Inn mainly for one scene. I'll get to that.

The plot: Bad guys eunuchs, blah blah, good guys MacGuffin, blah blah blah. They wind up at the Dragon Inn, a desert outpost near the western border. Dragon Inn is a filthy roadhouse, run by sexy and violent Maggie Cheung. Example: She offers a smuggler access to her secret tunnel, or her love tunnel. When he tries for both, she kills him and has him butchered for the "spicy meat buns".

To this honky tonk come good guys Brigit Lin, Tony Leung Ka Fai, et al. Lin is as beautiful as Cheung, but as upstanding as Cheung is loose. You know they will have to fight. So Cheung finds Lin in the bath and starts to taunt her. Lin, in the nude and at a loss, attacks Cheung and steals a piece of clothing. The fight ends up with Lin dressed and Maggie Cheung nude on the roof of the inn, singing as the sun rises.

There are a lot of fights, melees, cavalry/archery attacks, etc. The style is fantastic wire-work, often in slo-mo. The non-action scenes are generally just as beautiful. The plot, which I mocked, is top-notch, not too simplistic or impossible to follow. This is a good one.

In conclusion: Brigit Lin, Maggie Cheung and enough clothes for only one of them.

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